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The ULTIMATE Back Support –
taking comfort and pain relief to a new level!

  • Natural back pain relief
  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable mesh
  • 5 times more powerful
  • Doctor approved



If you are looking for a great back support,

you need to try this!

Finding a back support that will quickly stabilize your core and is comfortable enough to wear while working, playing or doing physical activities is very difficult. Most back braces don’t provide enough support to do the job, plus they are bulky and uncomfortable to wear. The BaxMAX is made of a lightweight, breathable mesh and doesn’t have any elastic, so it breathes and is much more comfortable to wear than a standard back brace.

How does this back support reduce back pain?

The BaxMAX gets 5 times tighter than a standard (elastic) back brace because it uses a compound pulley to tighten around the waist and hips, rather than elastic or multi-pull back brace. This means that it will quickly reduce compression in the lumbar spine providing for INSTANT relief for most people with lumbar pain!

The BaxMAX Lumbar Support has helped thousands. See how it can work for you!

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